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What - Have you ever felt lost about what career related steps you should be taking to improve your market value and arm up to meet professional goals? You may have made goals but are not sure if those goals align with what the industry needs and what other professionals like you are doing. If yes, then Careerletics is for you.

How - We help you find and analyse millions of career paths of people just like you, and match your professional persona with theirs, so that you can know what skill, qualifications and type of experience you lack. At the same time, we also let you know what are currently the best matching job openings, courses available or, which courses are the best for improving the required skills you need.


Careerletics Features

Career Synthesis

Compare your resume stats with professional community you belong to see many facets of your capabilities, gaps and opportunities.

Jobs Recommendation

Get access to openings which match your area of interests. The recommendation align with the career path specific to you.


Get access to experienced professionals who you can look up for advice guidance and to set your career goals.

Article Feed

Share your thoughts findings or simply absorb news which flow from in from your professional community.

Skill Boosters

With timeline you get to see range of skill sets you possess keep adding new ones to be relevant in the job market.

Gap Analysis

Get recommendation to courses, material and certifications by analyzing your gaps against leaders in your profile

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    Setup your profile

    Manually or auto-fill your profile using your resume directly and start developing your network.

  3. 3

    Analyse networks

    A detailed dashboard that identifies and compares people with similar professional paths as you.

  4. 4

    Set your goals

    Receive deeper insights about your career, course recommendations and job opening details.

Create your account and get lifetime insights and guidance for your career path.

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    "I am so thrilled to see at once place my career analysis and way forward"
    Asha Shah, 24 years
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    "Careerletics helped me figure out Skill set gaps and led me to think about which courses can help me acquire new skills”
    Arjun Mistry, 37 years
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    "This is a new way to understand your career potential, purely data led and not hunch, so thanks Careerletics"
    — Andrew Russel, 31 years
    New York